Welcome to Our Office!

New patients should arrive with forms filled out completely and signed. Please make sure you have all insurance cards with you. We copy them and send the copy to the lab with the blood that way the lab tests can be billed to the insurance.

Patients who wish to have records from another doctor please bring them with you or have them sent to our office ahead of your first appointment. We do not require fasting for our bloodwork. Please eat normally.

Hair Analysis

A Hair Analysis is done on the first visit to our office. This test is NOT covered by insurance and has a cost of $100 payable on the day the hair sample is taken. Hair dyes and perms can interfere with the results of this test, therefore please do not dye or perm your hair for three weeks prior to coming for your first appointment. We also ask that you do not have your hair cut before your first appointment since short hair makes it difficult or impossible to take the sample. Pubic sample can be used if preferred. There may be additional testing that is NOT covered by insurance. In the event that Dr. Ziobron orders such tests the nurse will inform you of the cost before any such testing is done. Test results are not read over the phone. This is the purpose of the follow up visit.


No insurance is billed from this office. We do not accept any insurance, and we cannot see patients that have an type of medicaid insurance due to law changes. The only thing insurance is used for is lab testing that can be billed by the laboratory itself.

Payments accepted are cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.


Smokers must have quit smoking at least three months before your first visit.

We hope your visit to our office is a pleasant experience.

Thank you,
Dr. Ziobron and staff