"I suffered with low thyroid, food allergies and heel spurs (very painful).  Within about 4 weeks the targeted therapy resulted in me being 100% pain free in the heel areas and I am continuing with chelation therapy."  L.G of Port Huron, MI

"I went to Romeo Preventive Medicine with the complaint of stiffness, insomnia and lyme disease.  Dr. Ziobron found that I had heavy metal poisoning, food allergies and lyme infection.  He prescribed natural hormones, antibiotics and chelation therapy and I am greatly improved!"  C.H. of Clarkston MI

"I had years of heavy metal (mercury) poisoning and a seizure disorder.  Through the chelation process the burden of metals have greatly decreased allowing me to have more energy and I am virtually absent of seizures."  E.R. of Shelby Townhship, MI

"I came to this office with brain fog, chronic cough and fatigue.  It was discovered that I had low thyroid, food allergies and lyme disease.  Natural and antibiotic therapies were given and I have had a complete recovery in 3 /12 months."  J.E. of Macomb Township, MI

"I have been to several urologists during the past 4 to 5 years suffering from urinary tract infections only to have them tell me to ignore it and live with the condition.  In the spring of 2015 I found Dr. Ziobron at Romeo Preventive Medicine and after 1 month of treatment at his clinic I am totally normal."  D.E. of Fraser, MI.

“Mercury detoxification through Chelation Therapy, I feel has saved my life. I tell everyone about Dr. Ziobron.” T.S. of Rochester

“The Chelation Ivs have improved my circulation and now my blood pressure is normal. The doctor says my arteries are doing well. I have referred several people to Romeo Preventive Medicine.” D.M. of St. Clair

“My son is an Autistic patient age 5 . After detox treatment, he is now able to talk, function normally, and is in a normal school classroom setting.” D.L. of Algonac

“I came in to see Dr. Ziobron as a Lyme Disease patient, with symptoms of fatigue, headache, and joint pain. Now they are gone after 9 months of Chelation treatments. I feel great now.”S.C. of Fair Haven

“Better than the rest, few physicians are as knowledgeable as Dr. Ziobron.  He has been my physician for the last three years, after four other D.O.’s failed to diagnose my symptoms correctly.  He is all about getting to the root of the problem and fixing it, rather than writing endless prescriptions for pharmaceuticals.  If you are a smoker, you’d better quit before calling for an appointment or they won’t see you.” Janet S. of Romeo, MI

“I was 50 years old, I was short of breath, had extreme fatigue, heart burn, sixty pounds over weight, chronically ill, depressed, and had brain fog. I spent thousands of dollars at doctors trying to get better.  Nobody could give me a diagnosis, they just loaded me up on drugs.  I thought I was going to die.  A friend referred me to Romeo Preventive Medicine.  A year later I’ve lost 50 pounds, I feel great, I have energy, I’m not short of breath and I am on no drugs at all.  Chelation and nutrients have made a new man of me.  Thanks Doc.” Bruce C of Columbus, MI 

"I would like to Thank Dr Ziobron for all he has done for us, we feel as though we have a new lease on life.  Both my husband and I are in our 50’s and we don’t’ take any prescription medication and we are doing fine thanks to Dr Ziobron.  I was feeling fatigued, over weight and hopeless.  I went to several doctors who said I was fine and to just eat right and exercise.  At the same time my husband was going through a battery of tests for the second time to find out why he couldn’t breathe and was very weak, he would get completely exhausted from just getting the mail.  A friend of mine told me about Dr Ziobron so I made my husband an appointment and told him if Dr Ziobron could figure out what is wrong with him and fix him, then I’ll make an appointment for me.   Well Dr Ziobron did find that my husband had Heavy Metal Poisoning and made a new man out of him in a little over a year!  After my husbands diagnosis I made my appointment and went through the recommendations that the Doc had for me and I am doing better now too.  I tell everyone I know about Dr Ziobron, he’s the real deal!" Diana C. of Saint Clair, MI

"In 2008 my wife of 66 years was diagnosed by a neurologist with Alzheimer’s Disease, she didn’t remember anything, she didn’t know my name or our children’s names, and basically she was sleeping all day and all night.   The neurologist prescribed Arecept and Nemenda, after taking these medications it seems as though she was staying up all the time and having what I call hallucinations, we were trying just about everything to help her but nothing seemed to work. In 2010 I heard about Dr Ziobron from a family member and thought, why not try him and see what he has to say.  After Dr Ziobron did all of his testing a report came back and said that my wife had a very high Aluminum level and that this was not good.  Dr Ziobron said that he can lower the Aluminum level in her system with chelation, he also said that he didn’t know how much it could help her but that it might help her.  I know that there is no cure for Alzheimer’s but I thought he might be on to something.  After chelations, my wife now remembers my name and a few of the family members names, more importantly, she is with me at home everyday and we have short conversations, she sleeps all night long but is up most of the day.  This means the world to me.  Thank you so very, very much Dr Ziobron." Leo D. of Columbus, MI