Our office is well organized and smooth running in an effort to minimize your wait time and enhance your over all doctor visit. Our staff is well trained, fast, courteous, caring, knowledgeable and friendly, all working to help make your visit a pleasurable one. We carry in house most minerals, and supplements, all of which are hand chosen for the purest form and highest quality at the best price, for your convenience. We accept Cash, Checks, Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.

Our Staff



Office Manager

Duties:  Reception desk, problem solving, billing questions and just about anything else.
Experience:  She has been with Dr. Ziobron since September 1996.
Qualifications:  Achievement of a smooth running office where patients needs are met, my co-workers are happy and Dr Z is happy.
Quote:  "People!  It is very rewarding to see patients return to good health, I’m glad to be part of that.  It is a pleasure to help them how ever I am able.  We are like a family."


Head IV Nurse

Duties:  Prepare and Administer IV’s, Injections, Vitals, Phlebotomy Expert, Phone Prescriptions
Qualifications: National Certification in Chelation Therapy
Experience:  She has been with Dr. Ziobron since January 1995
Quote:  "I like working with all types of people, helping them get better, seeing them improve through IV Chelation"

Dr. James Ziobron

Physician, D.O.

Duties:  Owner, Founder, and Attending Physician of Romeo Preventive Medicine
Qualifications:  Michigan State University Doctor of Osteopathy, Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine from Palmer College, Medical Technology from Wayne State University, Active Membership Board Certified Anti Aging Medicine, American Academy Environmental Medicine, American Academy Advancement in Medicine (Chelation Therapy), American Academy of Osteopathic Medicine, National & State Osteopathic Association,  International Lyme and Associated Disease Society.
Experience: Dr. Ziobron has more than 30 years experience with degrees in Medical Technology, Chiropractic, and Osteopathic Medicine. He is Board Certified and is a Diplomat in Anti-Aging Medicine. He had 12 years of Chiropractic experience before his D.O. degree, then 18 years as a practicing physician in prevention and holistic medicine. 
Quote: "It is a joy to be involved in practice of medicine that deals with 'root' causes of diseases and then the satisfaction of seeing patients achieve full recovery, they in the mean time learning how to care for themselves as they obtain full quality of life as God intended."